Strength’s Psychology

Every student deserves the opportunity to learn what they naturally do best.
They deserve the chance to apply their strengths to become more engaged students and thrive at school and in all areas of their lives. And they deserve educators who can help them discover their talents and develop them into strengths.

We believe that a strengths-based approach is essential to empowering our students to learn, grow, and succeed in and out of school.
A positive, strength-based approach to student development:

  • increases engagement
  • improves wellbeing
  • fosters greater academic achievement
  • creates an exceptional campus culture

At Flomont we understand it is important to focus on what’s strong with students, not what’s wrong.
Giving students the chance to turn their talents into strengths transforms the way our students experience their education, sets students up to succeed far beyond the classroom and develops engaged faculty, staff and leaders, too.