Our Objectives

At FloMont, we’re dedicated to giving your child the best start in life by laying the foundation for a
lifetime of learning. From our dedicated staff and inspiring array of programs, to our secure, state-
of-the-art facilities, every element of FWS is designed to enrich your child’s mind, body, and spirit.
We strongly advocate developmentally appropriate, child-centered, experiential learning since it is
an essential part of shaping the young minds in our care in order to:

  • Encourage curiosity, pursuit of knowledge and a lifelong love for learning
  • Integrate knowledge in ways that lead to rich conceptual development
  • Develop personal integrity and fulfillment
  • Develop relationships of mutual trust and respect with adults and peers, understand perspectives of other people, negotiate and apply rules of group living. and respect social and cultural diversity.
  • Work co-operatively, think critically and solve problems creatively
  • Attain skills needed to make informed decisions necessary to participate fully in society
  • Nurture social, emotional, cultural, physical, creative and intellectual needs so that a child
  • can grow up to become a responsible, tolerant and contributing member of society