Flomont Strengths’ Academy

The FWS Strenghts’ Academy offers tailor made programs to our children focused on specific
strengths as identified in our learners, to develop their talents. These classes are conducted for
children six years and above on two Saturdays of the month.
The strengths on focus at the academy include:

  • Communication and Oration
  • Problem solving and Innovation
  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Creativity and Entrepreneurship

These strengths are based on the four domains of development:

  • Executing Domain
  • Influencing Domain
  • Relationship Building Domain
  • Strategic Thinking Domain

Children are provided with challenges and tasks to complete in groups based on their strength
grouping. A facilitator is present to help ideate and encourage children to complete the task at hand
and document their work. Flomont hosts a final showcase in the form of the “Strength’s Festival” to
provide our parent community an insight into what the children have accomplished through the
year. The Strength’s academy also conducts outreach programs to include the larger community and
allow our children to make a difference to the current ecosystem.