Message From Founder Director

Dear Parents,
Welcome to FloMont World School! I thank you for showing interest in our school and taking the time to understand the school ethos and offering.

FloMont is an exceptional community of likeminded parents, who are looking to give their children an educational experience that isn’t the usual run of the mill, teacher centred, assessment-based offering. Our parents want their children to develop into unique individuals who are confident in their skin and can stand out of the crowd in terms of communication, leadership, and compassion.

To this end, I will tell you that, we are not everyone’s cup of tea. We attract parents with a progressive mind-set who believe in the process of development rather than the final product. The FloMont approach, based on our unique Strengths’ philosophy and Brain Based Learning has been developed after extensive research into cognitive development and the developmental needs of Gen Z.

At the core of our school is the “Florida Montessori Center”, an International Teacher Training Institute with the mission of creating compassionate educators to cater to the complex needs of our children, both academic as well as emotional and developmental. All our teachers are certified individuals who have undergone extensive training in the field of educational psychology. We are one of the few educational setups with a large network of international educators who we are constantly in touch with to stay up to date on the latest developments in the international arena.

Our community is a vibrant mix of students, staff, parents and alumni who are committed to intellectual success, social responsibility and life-long inquiry.

Our beautiful classrooms are mixed-age environments, carefully designed to encourage children to develop concentration while they explore and discover concepts at their own pace, guided by a Montessori credentialed teacher who is an expert in that particular age group. Montessori classrooms foster independence, organization, and problem-solving skills while providing children with a solid academic foundation. Our compassionate staff are role models of empathy and inclusivity apart from being wonderful and friendly facilitators.

Though words don’t do enough justice to convey the sense of community and scholarship that exists in the hallways of FWS, we invite you to learn more about our school through these pages. We encourage you to call and make an appointment for a visit to this uncommon place of learning. We would love to show you around and help you gain an understanding about who we are and what we do!

Shahista Ismail



Visit us today and take a tour. Find out why our school can make a difference for your child. Call, the school Administrator on (0091) 9901555667 / 6363 101137 for an appointment.